Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Shutting down this blog.

Hello everyone who bothered to show up here before I shut it down. This is a notice to let you guys know that since I don't feel there's a very good reason to continue writing this 'diary' that everyone has access to and can read without me knowing. A lot of things that are on my mind right now, I need to get out, but I don't think making them public is the best move.

I just don't see who's to gain anything out of wasting their time reading what I have to write here. So go, get a life of your own. (I sound like such a hypocrite saying this) But seriously, do you have any idea how many brain cells you killed just reading these two paragraphs?


  1. No, I would like you to continue with your blog. Its interesting to read, and it also got me to start my own.

    Don't shut it down.

  2. Don't shut down the blog dude .. Its interesting ..

  3. to all those replying to this blog post, go read the post "goobimama's soggy blog"