Thursday, January 08, 2009

Goobimama's soggy blog

Oh well, I was just reading this blog post by Milind, a friend from Goa and laughed out loud. Sachin was sitting next to me, and asked why I was laughing.

"There's this crazy friend who's been writing on his blog about a friend of his and the affair his girlfriend has been having with someone. And now, he's actually gone ahead and posted a interview with those people! hah!" And we both laughed together this time. I just felt it's so Ironic. First he tells this tale, painting an image of all the characters, and then goes and interviews the real people, who have apparently been reading all that. Add to that, his personified pet cat. He even has a twitter account for his cat!

I realized that if this little act of 'goofiness' made me laugh, maybe my eccentricity would someday make someone go, oh god he's so pathetic ROFLMAO! (Thanks Rajat for introducing me to the word 'eccentric' not the geometry term, but meaning '(Person or behaviour) unconventional and slightly strange')

Thus, my blog lives on. Still, I don't know if I would want to talk about some of the more heartfelt bullshit. I think I'll just keep it to angry rants and imposing my view of the world upon thee.


  1. Perhaps I should create a twitter account for Golu? :P

  2. Didn't I already tell you this? I think when you were talking about making a blog, I said you should make a blog about golu...

  3. I thought that was a joke. There are stupid people all over the internet who make accounts for anything like even perhaps the spider crawling on the wall.

    Eg: on Twitter: Spun my first web. Oh wow!