Wednesday, January 25, 2006

back from durg -I

hi people I was back from the marriage last night and now i can update the blog again after like more than 3 days! I really enjoyed the wdding and meeting all the people I felt as if I had died and went to heaven. I am going to start describing my journey from the last day in the decending order. so here goes the description of 24th january
When we woke up in at around 7:30, it was really chilly. I brushed my teeth and bathed keeping in mind not to get the colour from all the "moli" that was tied to my hand on vikky mamaji`s towel. Then had breakfast and asked mamaji if we can go get the copy of the cd before we leave but he said that the shop wouldnt be open by now. Man I was so disappointed. I wanted those pictures very badly! I wished that I had my own digicam. But I thought of another plan, I suggested that since monu mamaji would be leaving for nagpur at 2 o clock and was going to go to mamaji`s place, he could drop the cd there and Mukesh mamaji could courier it to akola. Mamaji seemed to consider that suggestion. And I didnt want to sound desperate so I didnt mention it again.
Then bade nanaji started to do tilak and I took more snaps. Kiran naniji, nanaji were the first to leave, they left for nagpur.
We were all ready to go but the train was at 11:45 so we waited outside in the nice warm sun where I made the mistake of removing my jacket. I had totally forgotten all about it when we left the house at 11:15 I remembered about it when we had just traveled for about 2-3 minutes and Ranu mamaji decided to call home and ask someone to bring the jacket where we were but he couldnt get to anyone so we had to get back home and bring it back. I was feeling so stupin then...
But we still made it in time. While at the station he said that he would courier the cds to me in akola. and then went looking for the t.c. because I had a seat in a bogie other than nanaji naniji`s and we wanted to sit together so we`d have to ask the t.c. to allot me a seat in S7. He said that he had talked to a t.c. and that it shouldnt be a problem but i`ll still need to get my ticket checked with that t.c. so that he dosent allot it to someone else.

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