Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I`m Making my comic strip

I dont think you have heard of the comic little gamers...its an online comic that started in 2001 (I think) Its about little guys who like playing games-relates perfectly to me and harsh. And they put their first book for download on their website. And since I had already gotten the inspiration to make my own comic, I downloaded it last night so i could get some inspiration. Nothing yet! only the first 3 strips have been conceptualised and roughed out. But now I think I will have to change the way i`m drawing it...I was drawing very detailed hands first but now i decided that if i`m to make these faster I should do something that i`m more comfortable with-powerpuff girls or bloo style of I`ll start from scratch After I have put the first 3 up on my Fun portal page. Thats all I wanted to say! just promoting my comics on this page since hardly anyone visits the cartoons page.

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