Sunday, January 15, 2006

Its official now

I knew I wasnt going to get a new computer but I went ahead and asked dad about it when we were at surbhi having pav-bhaji.I thought that dad`s mood is good and he`ll just say no and not give me any of that "why dont u do something productive instead of just sitting around ur pc all day" talk but he did! And its official that I am stuck with this stupid pc for ever.I was going to give this graphics card to harsh if my new card were to work but i have to use the old card myself now so Harsh is going to be very disappointed too! I just am too desperate to fix this problem and so i spent almost all of my day today looking for some workaround that we didnt already try on my pc but it seems theres nothing more we can do. So Harsh, I`m sorry I cant give u this graphics card and congrats Arjun bhaiya for getting my fx 6600 card.

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