Thursday, January 12, 2006

This is what i`ll do to monu didi`s computer

Her computer is very slow indeed.When I heard her say it a few times I didnt think it would be such a serious problem, but today I found out that she has a pentium 4 with ht technology but still her system runs slow I mean Really Really slow.Then i went on to investigate what might be wrong...

The first thing I noticed was that all the 4 partitions were in fat32 instead of NTFS.Then I decided to run disk defragmentation but after the analysis it said that c drive is corrupted. That just might be the problem.I didnt even have enough time to check for viruses or spywares but the power would have gone out even before the scan could finish.(power cut time was 11 pm) Thats why when I read this thing on digit forum, I thought I should save it somewhere for easy reference so that I can fix her pc...although if the hdd has developed many bad sectors so soon, it might b best just to replace it!

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