Friday, January 06, 2006

A gift for karthik and some more letters

I have put up a link to karthik`s blog on my page and i request u all to check out his thing thats really intresting is his picture made of his name.that was too good.-Hey karthik u must tell us how u did that.

Then, i have some more photos of letters...
Now u might ask why am i putting up letters for everyone to see?
ans:This is just my way of showing harsh how much i cared for his letters and how much i STILL would like to get his letters.Ever since he has stopped writing to me, our communication has almost been broken down completely.except for a few phone calls he doesnt communicate at all.the last time he e-mailed me was just to send some pictures...i cant even remember hen was the last time he sent me a e-mail with something witten in it.So harsh,try to spend some more time-from your "busy" schedule-towards this.

heres links for march 2002
and heres for jan 2002

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