Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy birthday to Anand!

Happy birthday to you!
I really wish we could meet again since its been really long since we last met! I dont even have any picture of him on my pc right now and i didnt get time today to scan an old photo so I`ll do that thing tomorrow...
Also, Lavi was online today but like before, he was too busy to chat! well anyways I just wanted to let u know that I havent forgotten the good time we all had together!
And oh...Happy Sankrant to u guys! how did the kite flying go?Me? I never could fly kites...heh...


  1. i wish i cud fly a kite one day...its a lot of bldg is pretty sad...

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  3. Happy makarsankiranti to u too yash.
    I am from Surat and missed the kite-flying of kind that I was used to celebrate in Surat. anyways... had a lil bit of kite-flying here, in bangalore too!!! so not a completely dry makarsankranti!!! ;-)

    [BTW, was just curious, how did u get link to my blog?]