Sunday, January 01, 2006

My New Year Resolution

Ahem... Happy New year to all of you.Hope u had fun last night.I actually had a horrible night.Thanks to all my friends who refused to come along and stayed at their houses! I am so furious @ them...

Well, anyways as promised,my new year resolution this year is....

uh-uh not so soon. I want to say why i declared my new year reolution on the net for everyone to read. When you know that people are looking forward to your achievement-or maybe they`re not; but since they know, it would be deflating to let them find that you have not acomplished that. Really it makes a big difference. If I had said it just to myself, I`d think that no one is going to notice the difference even if I dont do it and not work towards it. So, I want all of you to post your resolutions too in the comments section.

And finally, I have resolved to not get too engrossed in games and work harder towards getting into Savannah college.

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