Thursday, August 21, 2008

A little too late.

Its been long since I updated my blog. I've been in my shitty hometown akola, with the flakiest internet connection ever. Add to that the power cuts and the fact that there's nobody but my mom around, I try to go out as much as I can. So I'm never at my computer. Well.. that's my excuse.

Today, Mom's gone to my uncle's place next door. I sat down and started examining the gifts Pranav gave me. I was really pissed that he went shopping for those instead of spending time with me. I still don't approve of that but all the anger is gone. I had told him I'd only open it after the next 24 hours we spend together and I intend to stick to my word. But I still get excited looking for some signs in the wrapper and guessing what's in it. The small one I have now come to believe is a cd/dvd. And the larger one is a book. I am even sure its in the landscape format. And I think it might be the marvel book I saw in Landmark. But he couldn't have known I was looking at that book... he wasn't there when I was in the graphic novel/comic section.

Anyways. There is this other incident that I really wanted to share since the moment it happened. It was a few days ago, when I was in pune. I was sitting and drawing at my home in aundh. I got a text from suju, "I'm trying to make a rabbit wear a lion's mask". And a light bulb just flicked on in my head. And I smiled. I texted her back, "You just gave me an idea!" and she replied, "I'd love to see what you've made." And that's the incident how I realised one of the reasons why I love her so much. She has so many ideas in her head that inspire me to do something new. I can think of so many adjectives to describe them. Amusing, top-notch, extraordinary, unique, the list can go on. And I love her encouraging attitude.

And a sad bummer.. I had typed this up in the morning. and just about 15 minutes ago, I discovered the receipt of the gifts Pranav had bought for me in the 'Landmark' Bag. And guess what. I was right about the Marvel Vault book and the discs. Well, I didn't guess which discs they were, but just that they were cds or dvds.. Ya think I might have a career as a detective?

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