Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This brain does not forget

What timing! The dream couldn't have come to me at a more appropriate time. I was supposed to leave for nagpur where I'd get the chance to meet my little sister, family and some old friends from school days. I was up till late the previous night packing. I hadn't finished packing, so I couldn't head for nagpur first thing in the morning like I had hoped.

The early morning dream started with me walking into a classroom like place. Everyone was in a uniform. As my surroundings start to sink in, I realize that there's one face that I recognize from a long time ago. However, he looked much older.. his hair was even turning grey. I realized the name as being vikrant, a classmate of mine. Yeah, this class was full of grown ups. Even I wasn't a kid. weird huh?

As I am walking towards my seat, I notice another face. Even he was looking back at me and smiling. I couldn't initially recognize the face. I thought this guy's name was mangesh. But I later realized that this guy, who now had a thick 5 am shadow was jitendra yadav. He was a good friend from 5th to 8th standard.

I don't remember much of what happened next. But after I woke up, I was in a state of disbelief at what I just saw. How could the brain have pulled this one off? I hadn't seen these faces in years. And for the subconscious to recreate them, with the signs of aging is simply unbelievable. I just wish I could see all of them again once for real. Rohin, Rahul and Farheen, we will meet, someday.

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