Friday, August 01, 2008

What did this birthday treat cost me?

I was so proud of myself. I was in mumbai on tuesday and got back on
wednesday. I called up pranav, heard he went to college today. He was
even sketching. If me being away from him means that he gets serious
about things that really matter, then I will do it. Besides, I had
perfectly good valid reason for it too. I didn't have a bike.

As I was saying.. I was proud of myself that I could resist calling
and bugging pranav all day yesterday. I was following the 'live and
let live' motto. Today, he happened to spot me online and he messaged
me. I couldn't just ignore him so we talked. Told him we can't meet.
But just like the other day, things worked out so that I can go meet

At her place, she and pranav decided we'd meet for 'yash's birthday
treat.' As fate would have it, pranav and I were finally meeting up on
the day of our second anniversary. I dropped jui didi's activa at
another friend's place and left for fc road with suju. Pranav hadn't
arrived yet so we went to venus. To my surprise, they had liquidtex
acrylic colours the kind we used in canada. The were for like 400
rupees here! Also saw sets of designer's gouache for 1k and 2k. The
more more expensive one by winsor and newton. Bought a blank dvd for
the camcorder.

We had dinner at a maharashtrian place. The food,... Was really good.
But for the love of God, I can't figure out when and why things turned
bitter. Both of them were talking like we're splitting up. Now that I
think about it, I feel pranav hadn't been cheery about anything thus
far. Shit.. He's ruining it.

I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but I have certainly
realized this many times in the past: I will specially want to be
there with pranav when I feel that he's not doing fine by himself. If
he's happy, I don't feel that uncontrollable urge to be around him.
Even when we were having the pastry, he seemed distant. I gave him one
of the snickers and wished him a happy 2year anniversary. I think I
triggered something. He seemed to enjoy reminissing about the first
days of college. I absolutely loved it. This telling of the tale of
how we met should be a tradition.. Specially since I don't have a
romantic story of how I met my girlfriend. Lol.

I'll just say I got extremely lucky that the pastrys at richmonds cost
exactly as much as was left in my wallet. I didn't get to have ice
cream so what! By the time we were done with the story and snickers,
it was already 11. I had argued with suju that she was going to drop
me home, but I was looking forward to going home alone. Her dad was
going to be home tonight and he might not like her coming in so late.
She'll get scolded. Worse still, her privileges revoked. What if she
isn't allowed to come to the movie tomorrow?

Most of all, what do I say to "who dropped you home?"
"at 12 am.."
I should be the one dropping her home, not the other way round. This
is so unbecoming. I'd rather just walk home..


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