Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Myopic and loving it.

I have had to use glasses for distance vision for about two years now. I am shortsighted but not by much. I can go about my business without putting my glasses on. And that's why I forget them so often. Just like the other day when I wasn't wearing my glasses for almost the entire day after getting used to the perfect vision with my glasses.

And I was very pleased with my observations on that day. I was looking out of the same balcony glass doors that I have on numerous occasions before. But today, instead of seeing the distant trees and houses for what they really are, I was seeing something pretty different. What I saw, was fuzzy greens and blues and greys in a fantastic pattern. I could then let my imagination loose and interpret it whichever way I wanted. That was the first time I realized I was cautiously doing that, but I've done that many times before...metaphorically.

I'm talking about everyday events and things I hear, people I meet.. For instance, umm.. lets not take something really extreme... I got it! today, when I was at the checkout at the store, and the cashier said she didn't have 5 rupees change.. I blurred my vision, instead of seeing it as an inconvenience and waste of time, I thought lets make this fun. I refused to take the little chocklate she gave me in place of the money. I said, hmm... lets see.. what can I put back so that the bill amounts in multiples of 10.. I spent some time there talking with her and in the end, walked out with an event to talk about.

Sometimes, seeing things out of focus is more beautiful than seeing it in sharp perfect vision. Not always seeing things for what they really are just helps me get by. And if some people can't let me be, I remove my glasses for them.

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