Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sleepover at abhinav's

I watched 'The Mummy Tomb of the Emperor' the other day at E-Square. Mohit was the one because of whom this whole thing was happening. But he cancelled at the last moment. But I had foreseen this. He used to do this very often when I was in fergusson college. That's why I had also asked Pranav, Sujata and Abhinav to come. Pranav couldn't make it because his wrist had swollen when he was working last night making him unable to ride his motorcycle.

The movie was good... OK. A little disappointing because of a couple of things. After the movie, we went to have food at manmeet. It was fun. I had planned to go to Abhinav's place later. So after lunch, Sujata went back home. I wanted to buy her a little something so both of us, stopped at Archies on the way. After looking at a lot of badly made poohs and Garfields, I spotted a cute elephant which was not the least bit scary or deformed. I didn't get it gift wrapped. I had an idea.. I wanted to make it into a mummy. So we decided that we'll take it at abhinav's place and wrap it there.

Riding all the way to nigdi was fun. We reached at about 4:05pm. There was going to be power outage in a short time. I put the camera's battery for charging asap. But it wasn't enough. I wished we had charged it before. We had three hours of no electricity to kill. First, we went out to this beautiful spot close to his house. It overlooked the train track and little hills far far away. I didn't even realize how we managed to spend over two hours there. I could have just stayed there till 7:30 if I wasn't getting kind of cold.

So we spent the rest of the time indoors, listening to music, recording ourselves doing funny voices and stuff. Eventually, it got too dark to record a video with Abhinav's cellphone. Again, I wished I had charged the camcorder. Finally, at 7:30pm power was restored and we rejoiced. But it was not all nice and smooth. The power would go out over and over again for something like 10 minutes and we would have to shut down and restart the system over and over again. Very annoying.

When things got stable, we played smash brothers with his gamepads. It was really fun! I played with mario, kirby, link, some others I can't remember. I could have kept going till my fingers were sore. But I was hungry. I had dinner, .. the beetroot salad was unexpectedly good. After that, we started to watch Batman gotham knight. Really nice animation. And by the end of it, I had to go to sleep. so we went upstairs, and I don't even remember when my head hit the pillow and when I fell asleep.

The next morning, I wanted to leave as early as possible to avoid andy traffic. But I was not destined to leave early. He handed me some breakfast, which I have no idea what it was, but it tasted really good. like upma. I also had a coffee to really wake me up. And in the middle of all this, I had another gaming session. Oh boy! By now I was getting the hang of the game enough to beat abhinav a couple of times. Oh yeah! But I finished my breakfast and had to leave. He drew me a little map while I looked at his comic. This stuff is really cool. I wonder how long it took him.

The ride back was fun as well. I'm just glad nothing went wrong with the bike.

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