Thursday, August 07, 2008

First time I remember all three dreams so clearly

I have never seen dad ride a motorcycle. But the first of the three dreams I remember from last night, had dad riding the Bullet Machismo 500. I was out with dad somewhere. Looked like an out of the city area. And we were at a highway side food place. After we were done, to my surprise, dad sat down on the enfield on the rider position and asked me to get on as the pillon. So, dad's first time riding a motorcycle, and he's riding this 185Kg 500cc bike on the highway! Lets roll!

But we get into an accident. Nothing serious, But it seemed like the kid who came in front of us, did it on purpose. He wasn't even hurt, but the nearby village people ganged up on us. Dad tried his best to escape, but we were caught. At least we were saved from being beaten up.... or were we? Next thing I remember was waking up in their house.. maybe we were beaten unconscious and then they decided to take care of us.. well, whatever be the case, I ended up talking and making friends with the kid who came in front of the bike.

Moral of the story, ask dad to ride the bullet machismo 500.

It was a noisy, dark and distressed place. I had no idea why I was there but still, I walked along as it was all meant to be. Near the counter, I saw a familiar face hanging out with a can of beer. I had seen her before. At least 4 months ago. I still question the reason for my being here. But for the time I was there, I just need to fit in, and it'll be allright. I walk up to the girl behind the counter and asked her for a beer. She asks me for ID. I remove my wallet and pull out the sheridan college ID card.

So I was in canada? That would explain the girl. I had seen her around the college before. We had even talked on a couple occasions. But I can't remember her name. So I just grab my beer and leave the bar. I was walking around the place, which is not too crowded for a party.. or maybe the hall is really big! Well, that doesn't really matter. The next thing I know is that I am loosing control. Its like my muscles can't respond, do what I want them to do. My vision got weird and I also started having trouble balancing, staying on two legs. Everything was spinning around.

Right now, as I'm typing this, I know it was a dream, but at the time, it felt very real. Like nothing I've ever experienced before. Is this what being drunk feels like? I've never really been drunk. Or was I drunk for real last night? I don't remember. I had to stop what was happening. I had to counter the effect of alcohol in my blood incapacitating me. I tried to think.. food? How about if I have something to eat? I tried to grab some food from the buffet table by myself, but I was too hammered.

Then, I think I passed out.. this part of the dream is really hazy now. But maybe someone got me something to eat when I opened my eyes. Or someone took care of me and got me some food so I didn't pass out. But what doesn't make sense is that there is nobody there who'd do that for me...

The third dream, I can't really relate to. Its not really about me, but about me seeing this little girl working in a restaurant. I just happen to be there when she is explaining that some lesbians bully her, and treat her bad. But she won't run away. She will find other ways to avoid them and continue doing her job.. It all looked a lot like some movie. And it doesn't go any further... so the post ends here.

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