Thursday, September 04, 2008

Don't want to live in that house!

I finally moved in with Atif, the pakistani guy three days ago. I was going to take the appartment room but somebody else moved in first. I absolutely had to move out of Vironica's place that day, so I called up my next best option. He came with his van and even helped me move my stuff. That night, Atif's mom served me lamb and paratha. The size of the Paratha was about the same size as the roti at Pranav's house. I couldn't eat more than one. This could be great I thought. But I didn't foresee the things to come.

This might seem a little silly.. Has anyone who's ever lived away from home had a place that was too much like home? Yeah. In some aspects, this place is like home. The food, Indian channels on the television and worst of all, Parents! But it was someone else's home. That made it even worse. I felt like I didn't belong here. Maybe that was just me missing home. I think I need to find something very non-Indian to connect to so that I don't miss home. Do you get me or am I just making your head hurt?

The next day, I took the bus to school and spent a good part of my day there. In the night, I didn't have any food of my own and I was getting really hungry. So I was fed by aunty again. obviously, there was no hospitality. I was sensing hostility. She doesn't want me eating their food. And that's totally fine, I understand that. That's why, Immediately when Atif came home, I asked him to take me grocery shopping. And as we were about to leave, I saw a cop car outside. I heard Atif talk to his mom in punjabi that they always come and stand outside their house. 'This is not a good sign.' In all the time I have spent in canada, I'd never seen a cop car stand outside a house in Oakville. (Not counting the time they were patroling on halloween night.)

After we came back from shopping, aunty arranged some space in their terribly crowded refrigerator and freezer for my food. I said I'll head upstairs to my room. There, I turned on the stupid table lamp and started to watch movies. Kids, before you move in, always check whether there's going to be sufficient light in the room after sun-down. I felt so stupid for not noticing that there weren't any light fixtures on the walls. Also, they didn't have the air conditioning running and it was really hot in the room all the time! This is like the room in Kevin's house all over again!

Then in some cases, its NOT like Kevin's house. This place is crowded, busy, smelly and messy. The dining table has stuff all over it. The kitchen counter hardly has any space. At kevin's I could actually use the dishwasher. Kevin was a quiet guy. Last night, aunty was yelling out loud till way past 12 am! I could hear her all the way upstairs in my room! Even this morning, she was screaming in punjabi, probably over the phone. All around the house you can smell that 'muslim family' stench. The toilet upstairs doesn't work. At kevin's place, everything worked, and I was the only one who used the facilities.

Then there was the part about not telling the neighbours that I am renting here. Atif said, "If anyone asks, tell them you're my cousin. Tell them you're just here on vacation. Or you're just here to go to sheridan. You know me from back home." Fuck no I'm not telling anyone I'm your cousin! I still remember the police car. And if anything were to go down, I don't want them taking me in because they think I'm related to you. Regardless of whatever the probability of that actually happening is, I would just like to play it safe.

And finally, I'm the only animation student there. They won't take white guys there, so I can't even ask any of my friends or cantacts in my field to come stay with me. There is no desi person in this field who is looking to share a basement or get a room. Atleast not to my knowledge. And since this is my last time to try for animation, I want to take every step possible to make sure I get in. Which includes rooming with another person in the same field. We can work together, leech off of each other and I'm sure will get along better than someone from business or engineering background.

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