Saturday, September 06, 2008

I visited Square Foot 2008

This morning, I set out to go to Toronto to see the Square Foot 2008 exhibition. Every piece has to be 12x12 and all submissions accepted, no jury. At about 9 am, it was raining and really cold. I hoped it didn't keep raining all day in Toronto. Atif gave me a ride to the TD bank on Trafalgar road in his van. I told him I wanted to move out. He said we'll talk more about it tonight as he was getting late for work.

I arrived in Toronto early enough. I took the subway from Union to Spadina. There, I changed to the east-west track and went to Ossington. That was a mistake. Because now, I had to walk down to 100 Ossington Avenue. Even though it took me a lot of time, I figured it was for the best. Because the ehibiton only opens at 12 pm and I had some more time to kill. So I called up Aniruddh bhaiya and got some food. But I later realized that a better option to get there, is to take a streetcar or bus on queen street going westwards. If I just get down at the Ossington Avenue intersection, its a much shorter walk.

Talking to Anirddh bhaiya was fun for a bit. He was joking about where I was staying, and that there will be a 'kargil' at home.. Lifted up my spirits. I told him I was in Toronto to check out an art gallery and he says 'You start wearing a pink shirt.' LOL. But then he took it a little too far. I am not even sorry to say, my brother's a dick. After I hung up, the jokes left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Even the thing about Pakistanis, 'at the end of they day, they are who they are' didn't sit well with me. I like to think that there are good people in this world.... But maybe I'm just a retard.

I wanted to call someone else and talk but most of the numbers are stored in my cellphone. And I couldn't even be sure about the numbers that I thought I remembered. Arjun bhaiya's or Abhinav's for instance. I didn't want to call Sujata because I wanted to tell her what the experience of the ar gallery was, after I'd been there. So I just sat outside the entrance and watched a guy come in, open the door and go upstairs. I figured now people may enter so I went in after him.

The exhibition was just amazing! Did I mention our teacher David told us about it yesterday? He has some paintings in there too. Even Sybil Goldstein who was my teacher in art fundamentals and VCA2nd year 1st sem. Today was the last day of the exhibiton. I went in and asked if it was ok if I took pictures. They said long shots of the installation are ok but no close ups. So I'll put all of those up on flickr. Each artist could submit upto 3 pieces. And David had told us that for people who buy art regularly, it's really easy to tell which piece was done by which artist. Yeah, I forgot to mention, they're placed on the walls randomly. Check out the video.

As I was saying, some pieces were just so connected, I could easily tell that they were from the same person. This post has gotten longer than I wish it to be so I will stop. But lets discuss it more in comments and/or the flickr page.

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