Thursday, September 11, 2008

Naina Gupta in my dream last night

I googled Naina on my blog and found out that I only have her name in one of the posts as 'people I would like to tag'. Naina is one of my good friends from Mount Carmel School, Akola. I studied all the way upto 10th grade with her. Even both our moms became good friends. She's got a younger brother called Varun who's about 4-5 years younger than me..(And Naina.) I remember we used to taunt each other a lot, we were really informal with each other. Even though her mom wanted her to be really polite and respectful. She's ask her to refer to me as 'aap' or 'tum' instead of 'tu'. (aap and tum is a hindi word for 'you' that is generally used to refer to older or more respected people. English doesn't have such a term so people who don't speak hindi wouldn't understand.) I, found that kinda hilarious and would tease her for that.

Well, it has been really long since I last spoke to her. Even when I was back in India, I didn't get around to meeting her. But last night, out of nowhere, I saw her. (yeah, in my dream of course!) It was a railway station in India. I don't know why, but I want to say Nagpur. I was walking towards the platform, and there was this dark hallway. It was pretty crowded, and I could barely make out a few faces. But suddenly, as I saw her, I called out loud, "Naina!" almost as if I was expecting to meet her there. And a few seconds later, she notices me, and even on her side, its not like we've met after long time. Imagine a situation where this kind of commute and running into each other is usual. We both walk out together to the platform talking.

Lying down on one of the sitting platforms there, is Pranav. I tell him to move out of the way, and both of us sit down. Me and Naina. We are talking, laughing and having fun just like the old days. I can't remember any specific topics. But now, I remember a lot of incidents from my school days. there was this one time she walked right into our house during lunch time when I was eating rice with dad. uh.. actually, he was spoon feeding ME rice. And I was pretty young at the time.. I was in the 10th grade. about 15. LOL. I notice her looking and is about to make a comment, I say, "there was only one spoon in the house!" I still turn pink thinking about that. Embarrassing. In school, a lot of kids would ask us both whether we were siblings because our last names are the same- Gupta. (I hated my last name just because it was so common.)

Anyways, after a really long time, long and fun time spent with her, a train arrived and she got on. We bid each other goodbye as if we were so certain we will meet each other again soon. A while later, I got onto a different train. And things started going wrong for me. I am not completely sure, maybe I was just traveling without a ticket... I hope it wasn't anything serious that the police wanted me for. I was sitting there, using my laptop, when suddenly, they came after me. I grabbed my stuff and ran to the door. The train was moving slowly, I was going to jump.. I paused for just a moment to think it over twice, and the train had picked up speed. I dropped the black 'incase' sleeve I put my laptop in. I wanted to jump after it but the train wasn't slowing down and had left the platform way behind by now. But as the cops got closer, in my panicking and sweating, I realize the train's slowing down again for just a second and I jumped.

Upon waking up just the next instant, I realize that its already 8 am and I'm late for my class! fuck!

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  1. Dear Yash,

    Your dream has a deeper meaning than you can ever imagine... What other dreams have you had? Ever saw an animal in your dream?