Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy birthday Divya

First class today was Painting Ideas and Images. Most of the students had expected it to be kinda like a lecture that we had in the first semester of art fundamentals. (since that was called ideas and images) But this turned out to be a more painting oriented course. And I represent most of my class when I say that we were pretty happy with it. The teacher explained that this class is geared towards getting us to paint outside the studio, and find what we are comfortable with. That will help us do more independent pieces. The paintings in turn will end up being something that mean something to us, something that we can defend rather than just a 'class work' or student piece.

He had expected most of the class to be interested in pursuing painting as a career. To his disappointment, there were only 2 people out of the ~24 students who were considering that. In making his point about painting as a career, he mentioned his wife, who is a 'full time painter'. While he paints and teaches. Same with my previous teacher, Sybil Goldstein. One of his friends, who lives in New York, he said, just lies flat on his bed, with his canvas and paints to his side, and with his arm dangling off the bed, paints all day long. He falls asleep like that, painting, and wakes up and starts painting again. Reminded me of Pranav. He would totally do that. LOL

We were let go early, so I went and got a BLT sandwich from Tim Horton's. Yummmm.. after SO LONG! Then I went to the bank with Lauren and also currys. Got 10 small canvases that I'm going to need for the first homework project for painting class. Next was photography at 1 pm. The new macs in the lab were awesome! beautiful 1920x1200 20 inch screens! and mac 10.5.4 operating system. The slim keyboards! It was all awesome! This day just keeps getting better and better. We got our own 2 gig kingston flash drives for free! We also found out that we will get canon digital rebel Xti from the college to shoot with.

We went down to the photo studio to pick up out cameras. We got a Lowerpro bag with the silver body Xti and kit lens, with a filter attached to it. The cameras are brand new, never been used before! We were going to have to charge the camera battery before we'll be able to use it. Another bummer was that this camera takes compact flash cards. And I don't have any compact flash card. So I would have to buy one before I can go trigger happy with this thing. I thought I'd look online for something really cheap. Maybe old 512 mb cards that nobody uses anymore.. I don't want to spend too much for a format that I'll never use.

From there, we could have gone back to the mac lab. Tony was going to give a little demo to students who had never used a digital slr before, but I didn't stick around for that. I had to talk to international center and finance office about my fees. After that, I thought I'd scan some drawings that I did yesterday but I couldn't log into the stupid windows machines. So I went to the library, read animation magazine till it was almost time for them to close. And I have some plans that I can't disclose yet.

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  1. woah! thats a sure shot kick start! way to go...