Monday, September 01, 2008

Still don't have a room to live in

Its been two complete days in canada. I would rather not talk about the miserable state I was in on saturday morning. I am actually glad I didn't end up talking to Pranav. The looking for houses didn't really go that well. None of the phones were answered, I figured everyone was out for the weekend.

On sunday, I ended up talking to a couple people. Most of them saying the place is already taken. It was really disheartening. I was pretty disappointed till I found address of one place I can go look at on monday. I kept myself busy watching movies. For dinner, I ordered wings from a place called the wingery. Their chicken is one food that I missed in India. The other guy wesley's parents moved his stuff in so I had to sleep on the couch on sunday. I would HAVE to move out by tomorrow I thought!

Today is monday. I went and checked out the place at sewel street. At first I thought it would be pretty far away, but Its actually a short walk away from college if you take the trail that ends near the atheletic center. However, 550 per month doesn't seem like a good price for what I get. The next place I was gonna look at, which I had really set my hopes on, was Taruna's old basement. I talked to Shamil and he said there are already two other guys who came there with their bags and everything. So he gave me the number of another guy, Atif. Its a room with a pakistani family on 6th line.

I went and checked it out. Looked ok, but it is just too far away from college. The guy works in TD canada trust bank near Oakville Place so he said he could drop me to school every morning. That's cool, but I don't want to be dependent on someone else all the time. Bus stop right outside house, but oakville transit sucks! I will keep it at the back of my head for now, but looking at another place. Its a room in an appartment across from college.

The guy is an international student from hong-kong. He rented the appartment on his own and rented out the rooms. The last room that's empty, is actually really really small. Not a lot of room for my stuff or computer table+drafting table. I haven't made up my mind yet. I asked vironica to let me stay another night, and I will definitely move out tomorrow. Lets hope everything works out. That's all the updates for now. Bye visitors.

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