Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monaghan's Bar

On thursday, I had just finished life drawing at around 8:15 pm. I went to Tim Hortons to see if Sachin was still there. I wasn't feeling like walking home alone and hoped if he was going to be done in a few minutes anyways, I'll just wait for him. I sat down on the side of Tim Hortons and started to sketch on the 'Sheridan Sun' (college newspaper) lying around. The quality of paper wasn't the best but it was fun doing quick rough sketches that noone will ever see. Eventually it even boosted my confidence.

About an hour later, Sachin was done, and he told me he was planning to go to Monaghan's bar. I don't remember whether he asked me or I just invited myself. But since I had nothing better to do, and like I said, I didn't want to walk home alone, I decided I'd go to the bar, hang out, and go back home later, with Sachin. We also called up Abhishek but he refused to come. Sachin kinda had second thoughts about going because he didn't have 'good' clothes. And his whole class was going to be there. But I kept telling him to not worry about it too much.

At last, we ended up at Monaghans and met up with his classmates. I was introduced to people and I sat down at one end of the table. Soon, Sachin and I went to go get ourselves something to drink. We returned with two bottles of Corona. The canadian guys told us we were supposed to put the piece of lemon inside the bottle and let the flavour mix with the beer. I was kinda hungry, I had hoped we'd eat maggi noodles at home.

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