Monday, September 29, 2008

The Sunday Tragedies Part one.

Yesterday was one of the most eventful days I've had in a while! First thing I had scheduled for today was to meet the landlord of my new apartment at 12 pm. I went downstairs and woke Sachin up to ask him to come with me. Sachin told me he was awake till 3 am last night! It was going to be a long walk to the bank and back so I just wanted some company, and he readily agreed. We got ready in a few minutes and were out of the house by 10:45 am. We were talking about all kinds of things just like Thursday night. And I was completely oblivious to the disastrous day I had lurking ahead of me.

At the bank, I first used my international traveller's debit card to withdraw money. Then after counting everything, and putting aside enough for the deposit of the new place, I was about to deposit the rest in my checking account. I had inserted the card in the ATM and while I was still counting the money, the machine started beeping and displayed a message, "do you want to continue with the transaction?" (a) Yes or (b) No, eject the card. I pressed yes, and the machine tells me it has retained the card for security reasons. Fuck! I tried calling up customer support but nobody answered for a long time. Eventually, I gave up.

Sachin and I were both confused and bewildered as to how it happened. But I wasn't really worried. Probably because since I didn't have any money to loose even if someone, somehow did get hold of my card and could find out my pin. Yeah, long shot. I'm just going to call up the bank later and tell them to cancel/block my old card and give me a new one. Right now, though, I had my mind on the one other thing- The crazy landlord Teresa. I also met Nicole for the first time, and as I had heard, she's the bossy intimidating type. The second tragedy, which I overlooked at first, was the fact that Marta hadn't moved out yet. All her stuff was still in the room and I wouldn't be able to completely move in today. I signed the lease and took my copy, carelessly put it in my back pocket, half hanging out and walked back home.

On the way back, after we had crossed the sheridan parking lot, I suddenly stopped as I realized that the lease paper wasn't in my pocket anymore. I started backtracking my steps. I noticed something on the ground a little further and I asked Sachin to go check it out while I ran ahead to scout for it. Luckily, I found the paper in the parking lot in a puddle of water. It was all wet, but had it not been for the water, it would have kept on blowing who knows how far away. Relieved to finally have it in my hands, I walked back to Sachin to tell him to stop looking. But he was already sitting on the side laughing at me. He went, "If you had actually lost it, I would be swearing my head off at you right now."

And just to be safe, he decided to carry the paper back home with him. LOL. Back home, Abhishek and Rajat were awake and we decided to make omlette for...uh, Lunch. Well, Sachin was the one who did most of the cooking. After a yummy lunch, I went upstairs to pack my bags up. The guys were going to go to the superstore and walmart for shopping and asked me to come along. I figured, I might as well. We went to the superstore and I picked up some stuff. At the checkout, my credit card got denied! Now how did this happen? Luckily I had some cash on me so I paid for it. But still bewildered about how this could happen, I walked out to the parking lot.

Continued here, in Sunday Tragedies Part two.


  1. Damn, that was a rough day buddy.

  2. OMG! theres a part two of this?! cant wait!
    ok, seriously, this is crazy..wish u a better luck.