Monday, September 22, 2008

Singing and dancing on the streets

Lets go back to thursday, 18th september. After the stupid elective class, I was supposed to meet katie at the connexion. I had my cellphone working by now, and I called her up when She didn't show up even after a really long time! She said she was almost there. But even after she got to the college, we couldn't go in because the idiot security guy at the gate wouldn't let her into the pub without an updated sticker on her ID card.

So we decided to hang outside the cafeteria. We weren't terribly hungry and the food at the caf wasn't very interesting either. So we just sat watching 'Rain of madness' on my ipod touch. Its a mocumentary on the making of the film Tropic Thunder. Its pretty hilarious. Then it was time for her class. So we walked towards the E wing. Met another one of her friends outside and talked for a bit. It was fun while it lasted. Now I needed to kill the time before life drawing.

At life drawing, I met Evee and Lauren who I know from Visual and creative arts 2nd year and are in the animation program now. Lauren told me she visits my blog which was kind of a surprise for me. I have a stalker! LOL. But she's really nice. I spent most of last year without talking to her much and I kinda regret that. I was a little put off by all her piercings and just made up my mind that I cannot stand her. That was stupid of me.

After a successful life drawing session, I was walking home very enthusiastically. I was listening to some song from Om Shanti Om and I lifted both my arms and pretended I was holding a partner and swayed like I was doing ballet dance like Shah Rukh Khan. Walking further, I started singing along with 'Jhankaar' imitating sudesh bhosale as best I could. Damn that hurts your throat! I didn't care about what other people were thinking I felt like a little kid. I figured if I could make walking back home a game like this, I wouldn't even realize I've been walking for over 25 minutes!

I was pretty tired that day so I didn't bother typing the blog. But today was monday. And I'm.. not doing so well. What could be the reason? The realization that the webdesign class is pure crap and that I'd put this right between typography and 2d design of 2nd year visual and creative arts. Or was it the feeling that I can't go on spending 4 more years of my life here like this. I want to be back home. But its not an option anymore. The other day I asked my parents if I can come to India for christmas break. And while dad immediately said "no, its too much money", they kept asking me how many days holidays do I have and why did I want to come there. I realized I shouldn't have brought that topic up at all! I hope they're not worrying that I haven't been able to adjust to being here. Worrying them was not my intention. I hope they just think I only want to spend some more fun time with Pranav,Abhinav and Sujata.

Pranav has been online all the time last couple of days. But I didn't bother talking. I don't have anything to say to him. I pretty much said all I had to, in the last email I sent him. Plus, he is so unreliable, I can't let myself get used to talking to him again only to find out he's never online a few days later. You know what I mean? I downloaded the new episode of how I met your Mother. Pranav and I used to watch it together. We watched the whole series together in India...

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  1. nice one. liked the title and its reference in the blog.