Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First day of the new semester

I am terribly sorry I forgot o change the time zone before publishing my last two blog entries from Canada. But today is finally Tuesday morning here, and I am in the college B wing hallway.

First person I met today was Atif. The guy who's place I looked at yesterday. He picked me up on upper middle road and dropped me to school. That was nice of him. Or maybe its just a plot to get me to go live with him. I dunno. Next, in college, I think I saw oliver, but I couldn't be sure. I met Jeremy and talked to him for a bit. Then I had to go to andrew bodor so I headed off. But sure enough, I saw him again. We also ran into mike and lauren. we talked about the course and the classes we'll have in 3rd year. Sadly, it turns out, we don't have any drawing studio classes. WTF! this is bullshit!

Anyways, Jeremy's class was about to start, so he left. I need to meet with Tracy to get my re-admission done. But they insist I must stand in a long queue to wait to get an appointment. Only after I am officially enrolled, will I get my schedule. But since I have already talked to mike and know what time my next class is, I am not worrying about it too much. I have 6 more days to get it all done and I am sure I will.

The more important thing on my mind right now is finding a place to stay. I have looked at 3 places, but none of them are GREAT! I am not even sure if I am leaning more towards any particular one. But I must make my decision today. So right after I talk to Craig, I will make arrangements and move all my stuff out from vironica's place.

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