Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Nightmare

Thursday morning, around 7:15 am. I woke up all sweaty and kind of shaken but still relieved that it was all just a dream. I had a really scary and disturbing dream. Actually, it started out pretty happy and unsuspecting.

I was sitting at a place that looked like a huge mall, or an airport terminal. I was alone, and started talking to another woman sitting next to me. She asked me for a particular number.. of shop or 'gate'. I looked at my map and told her where she'd need to go. After a while, I stood up and started walking to one of the gates too.

I think I WAS at an airport because next thing I remember is that I'm on a plane. The man sitting next to me looks very rich and suave. He started flirting with the chicks on the seats to our right. I got involved too. It was really fun. The girls were in kind of uniform. I think they were stewardesses too. But suddenly, something went wrong. The plane hit some kind of turbulence or something.. We all were in a state of shock. Everyone was silent.

Next thing I know, I am walking out...of the plane (I think).. through the narrow endless walkways..

The scary part's not yet begun. The part in the plane was actually kind of fun. I don't think I've ever dreamt of being in a plane ever before! So I brace myself as I recall that horrible incident and try to put it down in words as best as I can.

I was at the orientation ceremony for animation. It seemed like an open for all event so I went there just to see what its like. Don't forget the free food and refreshments. But then they asked all the parents and friends to leave. I figured I'd stay anyway. They closed off the part of the assembly ground we were in. I started getting more nervous.. What if I get busted! The place was starting to seem more and more like my school in Akola.

One of the staff members stood up and started talking. There was something about India and suddenly someone behind me cheered for India. And I turned around and it was some really geeky looking Indian guy. I gave him a smile and turned back.. My heart was beating faster and faster. What if they do a head count or roll call? They started handing out a little token/memento to all the students there. It was a like a multi colored 3d puzzle or something. There were these sticks in different thickness and lengths. They were all arranged in a way so as to make a bigger 3D cylinder. People started unwrapping it and the pieces fell apart.. Some of them got busy trying to put it back together..

But I was still thinking I don't belong here. Not right now. I must leave, I must run away!