Sunday, December 09, 2007

Flashback and fast forward

I slept like a bear!
I was a little hungry tho...I wish I had more bread.
I didn't even want to cook. I wished there was someone to cook for me.
That's how tiring the class was.
In the afternoon I had a pizza...kseniya was pretty pissed at me tho.
Because of the following conversation:
"Kseniya, are you a vegetarian?"
"Do you eat fish?" (I knew she did)
"Is fish a vegetable?"
I laughed so hard. I knew this was going to bring me immense joy.
I decided to go back to class and do a survey.
I asked all the canadians if they were vegetarians.
I just want to tell gemal (I don't care if that's not spelled right)
"just because you're black doesn't mean you're cool"
I think this post is gonna make quite a few people angry.
Gerard stayed back today even after 5 o clock to take a look at drawings.
which is good because I wouldn't have paid 100 dollars per class if I wasn't even gonna get critiqued on my drawings.
He looked at mine and juan's and kseniya's
He even took pictures which he's gonna post on the life drawing blog.
I think I should go there and comment on the drawings and post a link to this blog post.
Nah, I'm too much of a chicken to do that.
anyways. gotta go now.
if I don't finish this assignment I'm screwed!


  1. hehe nice .. so the canadians say they are vegetarians but eat fish eh .. how silly

  2. no, its not all canadians. its just this one girl i know. and, she's originally from latvia.

  3. someone told that even in calcutta in india .. fish is considered vegetarian .. !! ..

  4. they are just trying to get a excuse to eat fish .. haha .. these vegetarians are evil .. lolz

  5. their excuse to eat meat is 'its the only source of protein.' these people have never heard of dals, lentils and pulses.