Friday, December 28, 2007

Is this going anywhere?

Last night, while trying to go to bed, I started thinking about when I'll meet my friends again. I went on my fantasy ride thinking I'd have friends over for dinner, maybe I'll cook... What if I want to cook some meat? Taiji probably won't let me do it in her kitchen...Maybe I could go to pranav's house. Could I get bacon in pune? It'll be hard to find. I wonder if everyone's gonna be ok with bacon... And just like that, I wasn't sleepy anymore. I wanted to draw the kitchen of pune. So I turned on the table lamp, and took my sketchbook, and started trying to draw.

But for some reason, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I couldn't get the placement to look right in perspective. Now I haven't really seen the place in almost a year, so I have forgotten a lot of things, but I do have the main plan of the place in my head. I drew that in a corner to kinda help me with the perspective drawing, but now my right arm started hurting really bad. I figured I was spending too much time on the computer yesterday in a kinda uncomfortable posture. That could be the reason. So I put the sketchbook next to me and decided I'm gonna draw when I wake up tomorrow.

This morning, tried it again, but not getting anywhere still. I think I need to look up reference. maybe dig into my pictures from pune. That reminds me, I don't have any pictures of my friends at my place at the dinner party. I remember after, when we were in my room, Pranav was taking pictures....Where was my camera at that time? Why wasn't I taking any pictures? Oh wait, I did take a video of pranav that night, so I HAD my camera... Damn! Why was I so stupid to not take any pictures? You see... its like when u have something you don't realize how or 'how much' u could use it... Now that I don't have the camera, or those friends with me, I feel like I should have enjoyed it to the max when I had that.

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