Monday, December 17, 2007

Just not my day today

I just wish I didn't wake up. At all! This day has been a disaster since the moment I opened my eyes. I probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. First, my throat was so dry that I had to walk downstairs to the kitchen at 6 am to go fetch a glass of water. When I got back, I was feeling uneasy to sleep, but I knew I wanted to get back to sleeping. So I decided to spend some time looking at photos on flickr...GAH! Its best I don't relive that.

I was talking to suju later, to apologize, and I remembered that I had to go to the college for the information session about the New years montreal trip planned by Breakaway tours. I quickly hung up and went upstairs to check my ical and found out that this was at 5 pm. I had quite a bit of time. So I decided to finish my chores. I cleaned the bathroom (how those guys manage to get it so dirty is beyond me!) And cleaned myself-showered; then had some rice and aloo chole for lunch. Funny thing, JP was there, and he asked me,
"this the same thing vironica made yesterday?"
"its good stuff eh?"
"Its not that great."
"its not made the proper way."
"well, its good to have a change sometime... you wouldn't eat the same kind of pasta every time."
God! I hope he was joking! One, I don't have chole every day, and two, its not the same thing as pasta! But if I have to, I'd say "its more like one type of pasta done wrong". Instead of pureeing the onions and garlic and ginger etc together and adding it, I saw her add onions to the oil first, with no jeera or rye, then chopping up garlic and ginger and adding them. is led to white specs of garlic and ginger in the sabzi, which looked very unappetizing. Besides, the flavors weren't infused as well as they should have.
I'm sorry, I can't help the nitpicking. You must remember that I am a fussy eater. I am really thankful to vironica for the food tho. Because I had almost no food left because I haven't been grocery shopping in I don't know how long. I finished my bread and milk more than a week ago. And have been asking her to take me shopping, but she's been too busy with taking care of tera and maya.

But today she finally asked me if I wanted to go shopping and we did go. But didn't end up shopping for food. We were out for about 3 hours! What the hell did we do you may ask? Well, first, we were supposed to drop off JP to work. But he got a call from his girlfriend, who was whining so loud on the cellphone, I could hear her from the back seat! She forgot her laptop's charger/power adapter at vironica's place. She was really upset because she had to study for an exam and her notes were on the computer. So Vironica decided to take the cable to stephanie. We drove back home, picked up the cable, dropped JP, then proceeded to stephanie's house, which was in I don't know which corner of the world, it took us forever to get there! No, wait, we stopped on the way at Brian's... no philip's .... I don't know... clinic because vironica wanted to give him some orange juice. But he wasn't there. Then we proceeded to stephanie's house, WOW, SHE HAS A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. BEAUTIFUL AND HUGE!

After that, we were driving back, I think towards no frills... But vironica changed the plans again. She was like, wait, this is closer... then we can also do this... or something. So Now, staples was on the way. So we decided to return my printer first, and then proceed with the grocery shopping. I went in with my printer, returned that to them, got my money back, and waited for Vironica. She didn't show up, so I thought she'd still be out in the car like the other time. I went outside and stood there, looking for the car, hoping that she'd spot me. But nothing! My feet and hands were getting really cold! Even thought I kept walking in and out of the store, and put my hands in my pocket! Now I was beginning to thank the fact that I decided not to pick up the other printer and walk out of the store with that in my hands. Finally, she shows up, she calls out for me, and I walk towards her, I can't wait to get back home now!

In the car, I take off my shoes, and try warming up my feet. I tell her I want to just get back to home now. She says "you need food, you have nothing!" Yeah right, NOW you realize that!! I would have even given in and gone to the superstore, but we kept getting these signs that today is not a good day to be driving. The traffic was just awful. We almost had an accident atleast 3 times. And had a couple other bad calls. She had said the following atleast 5 times "around this time of the year, everyone drives like crazy!" So be it. I don't want to die or cripple myself. I don't even want to take a chance with a small cut in my fingers. This is a really important time for me.

My portfolio requirements were emailed to me today. Nothing has changed really. So I will get to work tomorrow.... that is, IF I don't die of malnutrition... "what? me, die of malnutrition? IMPOSSIBLE!" .....GRRRRRR..... wait... *looks around* what's that sound... oh! its just my stomach grumbling.

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