Monday, December 31, 2007

Look back Look forth

That's the title of my friend meghna's last blog post of 2007. Its like a goodbye to 2007 and a welcome to 2008 post. But the best piece I've read in a really long time, bar none! It brought tears to my eyes. As I could relate to a lot of things that were mentioned. But I'm really happy for her and hope the next year is even better to her. Same to all of you too. but to be more specific,

Mickey, I hope you get in and stick to one college till you graduate.

Abhinav, I Wish for you that RTFS2 is way way wayyyy more popular than RTFS. More importantly, I hope that it turns out to be a work of pure genius. Don't disappoint me. ;)

Karthikeyan, I hope that being in singapore, your english got better. And all the best with that GRE

Sujata, I hope that you finally find solace in creative i college. I know your heart was into going to NID, but I hope everyone in your class has or is striving to get to your level, and not the other way round.

Sumit, I just hope you and I talk more than this. I would give anything to be able to go back to the way we were.... chatting endlessly, while I'm on the bus, while I'm in the loo, or even when I'm on the computer.

Abhishek, I hope that for fucks sake you stop loosing weight! Be healthy dude.

Divya, I wish that you stop crying....over little things. The world is a bad place, and there will be many more times when you will feel dejected but you need to be strong, and work through those times rather than just sit and cry.

(yes i did something like this before, in the blog post happy diwali, last year)

Pranav, I wish that you stay healthy and you keep in touch with me more.

Mohini, I wish that you stay safe, stay cool and carry on your cutter-giri.

Pranjali, I hope that you discover other words besides apratim. And yes, don't forget to still keep using 'apratim!' we Love it!

Harsh, I hope that you gain some weight... come ON, its about time! And succeed in all your endeavors.

Rahul, I hope you become a big theater star, because that's where I feel your heart lies.

Suraj, I hope you finally realize everything's ok in moderation. You were more often than not the king of 'overdoing stuff'.

Nikita, I just wish that you remember me once upon a time, now and then.. and maybe try and contact me... huh?

Damn, this is getting long.

Oliver, I hope you get into animation. Of all the people I know, you are the one who deserves it the most.

Taruna, I hope you finally get to go to the sheridan pub again, wish you many drunk wasted nights and hope that you don't get in trouble again.

Mark, I hope that you don't get shitty stupid teachers anymore. Well, really, that's a very selfish wish because I'm in the same class. LOL

Jeremy, I hope you somehow, with a stroke of luck, get a little less irritating, stop getting on people's nerves and stay out of trouble.

Hya, I hope that you.... that you stop being called flea-head. LOL. its cruel.

I'll just stop now i guess... If I missed you, and you really want me to add u to the list, message me.

Happy new year all you guys!


  1. lol sure i'll learn english .. and thanks for the wishes mate .. :)

    i don't know what to wish for you but i wish whatever you wish to come true .. that's the best wish i can make for u .. lolz .. cheers and happy new year :)

  2. thanks for that wonderful nw year wish.