Monday, December 03, 2007

Lookin smart, Pranav!

Whoa! Overdue update heading your way! Watch out! hehe... I don't know what I was thinking, but now that I look back at what I wrote 5 seconds ago, I find it RIDICULOUS! moving on!

I finally ended up calling pranav up. It was Monday morning, and I was sitting at the dining table with my bowl of cereal and dear MBP. I was chatting with aayush. I had talked to sujata yesterday, and she told me Pranav had moved to the city now. And that he is getting better. I now wanted to speak to him personally and get to hear how he was doing, who are his roommates and stuff. So I called him up.

He said he's gonna get internet at his place sometime soon now. Ummm.... we'll see about that! hehe. But what really touched me, was him sounding more relaxed and cool about the class work and homework load. I was really relieved to heard him say "If I can't finish something, I just go to the teachers and say I can't do it." Not giving work precedence over his health is something we've been telling him for almost a year and he finally gets it! Now I'm sure EVERYONE has changed. NO exceptions! He also told me he had uploaded some pictures on orkut. I thought it was odd that I wasn't notified, but I said I'll check them out.

And I did check them out. two of them were pretty good pictures. The third one, however, I can't say much about it. But still, seeing him all better, made my morning. And I was thinking about the pictures all day. It was the one thing that kept me smiling. Because the rest of my day was a big disaster. one mishap after other. I will tell you about that briefly, as I don't want to make this entirely about that.

First, Vironica was supposed to take me to buy boots. She also offered to drop john at his friend's place, who's dog he's taking care of. I thought I'd just go along, and get my shoes and be back by class time, but I was wrong. When I realized that there was no way I was making it to class in time, I decided to skip it. And then, we went shopping for my boots. But one store after the other, we found nothing but mediocre stuff or ridiculously expensive ones. Finally at Zellers, I found a pair that was gonna be a good value for money. Then, at staples, I bought the lexmark wifi printer that I was desiring, but when I brought it back, and tried to get it to work with my computer, it just wouldn't go. After lots of fidgeting around, I called up lexmark, only to find that they don't support leopard yet. there are no compatible drivers. Damn!

So, I had to go back to another staples, and get a 'comparitively' lamer hp device, that had a really HUGE power brick, and didn't even come with a USB cord, has a useless 4x6 printing 'cartridge' thingy.. you load up paper in that, and put it in the paper tray, and it feeds the printer from there. Isn't that silly! And totally unnecessary. Also, it does not have a USB port for me to plug in my camera or other storage device and print directly from there! How inconvenient! First time I tried to print a photo with it, it BOMBED. It only printed one smal strip correctly on one 4x6 photo paper, and ejected the thing. said that I need more paper! What the hell! And when I reinserted that paper for it to finish printing, it wouldn't even get done with it and shove the paper out. So I manually canceled it and when the paper was out, I saw some random colors... That was so infuriating!

Don't even get me started about the scanning! Puhleez! I just want to forget about it!

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