Thursday, December 27, 2007

Taking my mind off things

Hi, after two days of watching LOTR trilogy and eating and sleeping, I was desperate to get back to drawing. So I put my sketchbook by my bedside last night and when I woke up, I did some drawing so that I have a good start to the day! And I did. But shortly after, I was informed of a news that messed up my day. My uncle is in the hospital. He got a paralysis attack. I was really sad. I decided to call up Pranav and talk to him to kind of take my mind off things.
Then I came upstairs, Abhinav was online, so I talked to him for a bit, then he went offline. I also decided to redo my blog template to mix things up! I had been living for a "really" long time with that blue template of my face in the header. But I didn't really like the fact that its blog field was so narrow that the blogs would run really long, and people had to do a lot of scrolling to read my long entries. And I recently read an article somewhere, (I susect ) that mentioned that there are so many websites with designs that were meant for the age old monitors that couldn't do more than 800x600 resolution. And if anybody still runs his desktop at that resolution, he has no business being on the internet! I myself have a widescreen desktop, with 1440 pixel width! I could totally eliminate the need to scroll if I optimized the template. well... atleast for some small posts.

So I Decided to use the leopard style banner that I had made in illustrator a while ago. (Yes, I referenced a tutorial.) But the template that I had picked would cut off the banner if the window got too small instead of showing a horizontal slider. I didn't know what to do. I could set a size, but then its not flexible. I wanted it to be able to move the text as the window is being resized but not go below a certain point. So I fidgeted around with a lot of settings before I stumbled upon min-width. It should have been kinda obvious to me I think... but I'm a nut remember?  So that excuses me. Anyways, I hope you guys like the new template, lemme know if you have anything in mind.

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