Saturday, December 01, 2007

My first snowman!

Yay! I finally made a snowman, all by myself! I was so excited! I have the pictures up on my flickr page. I don't want to spend time uploading them on blogger again. So you can head over to and comment on them! I'd love that. Plus, did you guys know blogger now supports open id commenting? I hope this will open a wider window to people who want to respond/interact. Anyways, on with the details!

I woke up after a good night's rest and I went downstairs to get some breakfast. I had heard in the news that there's gonna be shovelable snow outside by sunday morning. They were right(for the first time...LOL) Vironica was resting on the couch there, and she said there were shovels on the verandah and that the snow is suitable to make a snowman. I was really excited! That's what I've been waiting to hear since the summer! (Last winter I was too scared to 'play' in the snow) So I ran upstairs and put on my clothes. Came running down and walked outside.

First, I had to shovel some of the snow from in front of the door. And I've NEVER shoveled snow before. And vironica was laughing out really loud looking at my goofy ways. She had to instruct me on the 'art of shoveling snow' but then I was on my way. It was quite an exercise and got me plenty warm. Then I went ahead and started rolling a snow ball for the base of my snowman. Because I wasn't sure how big I could get it without breaking it, I wanted to be on the safer side and keep it small. Plus, this was my first time and I wanted to aim for a realistic goal. I had to decide earlier on where it was going to end up so that I can roll the big heavy ball into place.

Then I started on the next ball. By the time I was done, I figured this was all I'm going to do. I thought this was good enough. Besides, it didn't seem very stable to me and I was scared whole thing would topple. But Vironica egged me on, so I started on the head ball! This one just collapsed under pressure when I was rolling it. I guess I overestimated its integrity. Vironica was watching me from the window and she laughed out too. I redid that and thus, the 'making' of the snowman was done!

Now for the ornamental finishing touches! I dug out two small stones from under the snow and shoved them in there. Didn't get the placement I wanted, but then I was happy with how it turned out.. gives it an expression... LOL. I put in a carrot for the nose, and some celery for the arms. I tried using the brocolli to make hair, but it didn't work out. green hair doesn't look very adorable. So I used that to make buttons on its torso. Vironica pointed me to the plant that had brown tiny flowers. I liked that idea and gave my bald snowman some hair. Sticking stuff in there wasn't very easy, took a little poking and re-enforcing with more snow.

And I just couldn't help but put in a little leaf where his private parts will be. I had always loved that concept in cartoons when lets say dexter removes his clothes, a little leaf will appear in front of his penis. It was just so hilarious! But finding a green leaf at this time was impossible so I just put a yellow leaf I found on the lawn. It was great. And when all was done, I couldn't wait to get back inside. My shoes were getting all wet.

Good thing that we took pictures, because the thing had fallen apart by evening because the temperature rose, and there was little rain. I will do another one sometime soon. Maybe even BIGGER! but I'm really glad with this experience.

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