Friday, December 07, 2007

I didn't come to canada to get turned down...twice.

So, I was talking to oliver late at night the other day, and I have been meaning to blog about it since. Because its something that has really inspired me. I was just busy with the art history thing first, then the typography assignment. Never mind. Back to the topic. What happened that night really reminded me of pranav and sujata. When I was in India, they were my driving force. Suju because of how good she is, and Pranav because what a hard worker he is. Now that I think about it, when I came to canada first, I was really serious too. I was like "I didn't come here to slack off. I will work like Pranav and I will try to do everything as good as Sujata." That's not to say that pranav's work wasn't good, but Sujata's bar was definitely higher.

So I would work really hard on all my assignments and sincerely go to class, and talk to teachers and be the foremost kid. But I didn't focus on the portfolio at all. Because I had come to realize that I wasn't nearly as good as the others. I figured the natural way to go would be to finish my art fundies, and by the end of the course, I will be good enough. But that was a big mistake. Art fundies didn't really give me anything to add to my portfolio. And thus my interest in my classes went away too! I keep saying 'This is not helping me with my portfolio so what's the point!' And I have atleast 3 assignments that I handed in late.

Ah, gotta stop getting distracted! Back to my point - When oliver blogged about him showing his sketchbook to Mark Mayerson, I was really surprised...and excited... If oliver could tell me where I could get a hold of him too, it would be awesome! I talked to oliver about it, and he told me he stays in room A160 from mondays 2-5! I didn't know such a arrangement existed. But oliver's apprently the first person to go up to him and that makes me not feel so bad about my ignorance. But I do admire his will and his efforts. And so he simply said to me,
"I didn't come to canada to get turned down!"

And I remembered me saying similar thing to myself back in winter 2007. Oliver's from new york. He can drive back and forth in one day. Still he considers it such a big deal. I am half way around the world from my home. Shouldn't that amount to something? And that realization made me feel really disappointed in me. But with that came a new determination to work harder. And I am drawing more each day. I have a good feeling about this year's portfolio. I will get in!

"I didn't come to canada to get turned down twice!"
Just an end note to those who thought this wasn't up to par with my writing ability, all I have to say is, "I'm sorry I wasn't doing it for the sake of writing. I was doing it so that I have something to keep reminding me of my goal."

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