Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wonderful Family Christmas dinner!

I know its not christmas yet, but today, just happens to be the day we got together for a nice christmas dinner with the Pagel family. (We here includes me, JP and his GF stephanie.) The other two had plans. Yesterday, when we were watching superbad, Sandeep even asked me if I wanted to come. But I said that tomorrow is this big thing that vironica's been preparing for all week long. And I can't disappoint her. I know she's made the indian vegetarian food specially for those two vegetarian guys. I hoped he'd consider this and cancel his plans but he didn't. When I woke up this morning,  both were already gone!

Fuck that! I know I am gonna have a really amazing time with Philip and Brian and Nathan. Ladies, ladies, don't be upset. I do like you, but its just that being guys, we have more in common. Yeah, like porn, cars, gadgets, you know... Vironica had been talking about it... "this 'thing' that philip got from the states, its so cool! You can watch movies on it, listen to songs, surf the internet... and you can turn it sideways, it changes to side view! Oh my god!" And I had a feeling its the iPhone and I'd have loved to see it, but I wasn't gonna explicitly ask him for it.. But when Brian started showing his HTC windows mobile phone, we got talking about the iphone, and Philip said Julia has it. I was SO excited, I was finally gonna get to hold and use the iPhone!

And I have to say, I'm not very impressed! This obviously was a hacked iphone, as it was running on rogers network in Canada. The was also loaded. And I noticed that it was pretty slow. And not very responsive. I'd go into the and it would show me that its loading... I got around to playing tap tap revolution and also tried installing mobichat for trying to chat... but nothing! I watched youtube videos, that was pretty fun. But the speaker wasn't nearly loud enough. Its also pretty thick. I liked how slim the ipod touch was... I wish they could make the phone slimmer too! Also, the battery was dying, so everytime I went from standby to the home screen, it showed me a warning that I had to dismiss! That got kinda irritating. The camera, as expected, wasn't nearly as good. All I got were blurred photos. But I was using it indoors in a not very well lit room so I could give it a break on that. But really, not very impressed.

The dinner was WONDERFUL! Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes, pepper, mushrooms, onions, ah! I LOVED IT! I am STILL so stuffed! I was the last one to finish the dinner and the dessert! Cheesecake! First time I had a cheesecake, and it was delicious! Oh! And there are a lot of leftovers for later! Then everyone started exchanging presents. I was taking a LOT of pictures of everyone! They were so happy giving and getting all those presents! It was beautiful moment. Then I ran upstairs and got my greeting cards. Mumchu even gave me a little greeting card and a small gift. Vironica had a gift for me too! This day was just perfect! I wouldn't have anything differently!

I think I should just end it now. Its a beautiful memory. I don't want to go on and on and make it riddled with silly little details that hardly matter... like brian making philip watch the 2girls1cup video....LOL. But, before I publish this, I just want to type out that I have now realized how stupid i was to post the last 'rant' of a blog post. I got carried away. I have gotten everything I needed from my parents and I just needed to distract myself from the camera topic and I think today was just the thing! 

Merry christmas everyone!

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