Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So, someone other than me DOES read the blog!

Last night, I happened to bump into a first year animation student, who's also a student counselor at sheridan. I was just sitting in the pit, trying to download some things, because internet at the house is not suitable to download large files anymore. He comes up to me, and he recognizes me. He says,
"Hi, are you in fundies? Do you have a blog?"
And I'm like,
"Yeah, a lot of people do."
god that was so stupid! He probably thought I was being all cocky about one widdle blog that I write and someone other than my friends happened to stumble upon it.
"What?... Do you mean a lot of people read your blog..."
"No, that's not what I meant, I was just saying that a lot of people(meaning oliver,) from art fundamentals blog."
Because I was definitely under the impression that he mistook me for someone else. Because one thing my blog isn't is memorable enough for a total stranger to remember about it and come up to me to say 'hi!'

But then he probably thought I was trying to avoid the whole thing... and he said,
"Hey, I didn't mean to scare or alarm you."
"Oh, no, I'm not alarmed, I'm glad, but where is this going?...ummm, hi! I'm yash, and you are?"
"Oh, yes, it is YOU!. I'm Sam. I'm a student counselor here."
"Oh, hi, what are you doing here?"
"As in what am I doing in the pit right now? I was just..."
"No, what program. "
"I'm in animation first year..."

And so we talked about getting help, and tips and pointers for a portfolio and stuff. I got down his email address, and hope to talk to him again sometime soon!


  1. duh .. of course .. i read your blog .. all the way across half the globe !!

  2. hehe. welcome back! do u know of a show called corner gas?

  3. its a comedy show. and there's an episode in which one of the characters starts a blog and then goes around telling all the people in the small town to read his blog. he's like "no, I will not tell you what's up, read it on my blog" kinda... and gets upset with everyone when he finds out noone reads his blog... its just hilarious!