Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I miss you guys.

Whoa! I had two distinct dreams tonight, both of which involved me meeting my best friends. One from my school, and another one from college. I guess this is just because I'm really missing company of friends. Since college ended, I've been all by myself and I can't wait for college to start again!

My first dream, started off with me and pranav driving to the college. Together! Pranav's and mine houses are in two different corners of Pune. So us driving together to college would mean that we now live together... But now I'm thinking why then, were we both riding our own motorcycles? We could have saved money and the environment if we were both on one. hehe.. Maybe we both lived close to each other... and not together...? Anyways... Then we got to college, and spent one amazing day together. I remember I was sitting next to him, discussing things and it was just like being in heaven.

The second dream was definitely a little more scary. Whenever it comes to dreams of my school, you can be sure there's some dreaded aspect involved. And this time, it was tests, bullies, and public ridicule. I got to see the faces of all the people who made fun of me and bullied me in school. I also got to see the teachers who would go on and on! But when I finally spotted my friend, I went and sat next to him. Rahul hartalkar. He was my best buddy in high school. The last time I met him was in Nagpur before new years. It will be a year soon. And as I was sitting there, I became oblivious to the whole world around me. Nothing else mattered. It was so serene. And then I had to wake up to this cold lonely room of mine. BLAH!

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