Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ready to taste freedom

Yeah. I'm so close to getting the christmas holidays, so close to not having to go to any classes, no assignments,projects or homework. But I will have to work on my portfolio. I am also being asked by people to do some 'stuff' for them. I will disclose these in the future, when I'm done and ready to show you guys. So its a really mixed feeling.

And GAH! I hate all these adverts! I'm being lured into spending more money on stuff that I think I need. I almost purchased a Deviantart plushie and a subscription today. I admit the plushie is really desirable and the subscription would be awesome, but I have been surviving without it to date, and I will survive without it in the future too.

Back to the freedom thing... I tend to loose myself when I'm alone. I just kick back, relax and watch time pass me by. So, I really need someone to control me. To keep reminding me to not slack off and work. Now I think I miss my parents. That reminds me, the funniest thing happened the other day. I was eating dinner, and I felt like I was in pune..... why? guess. no guesses? Because I REALLY didn't like the way the rice turned out. I hated my food, but I had to eat it, because I didn't really have anything else, and I was really hungry. I was eating because I HAD to! did this ever happen to any of you?

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