Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stupid bus driver alert!

The bus driver on Oakville transit route 19 yesterday, should be fired. Yesterday, when I was getting back home, I took the bus from the go station, at 6:30 pm (In the complaint I made over the phone, I accidentally said 7:30 - stupid me!) This driver was totally out of his senses. Maybe even under the influence of something. In the buses here, there is a little chord that you pull(or a button you press) to let the driver know that you want the bus to stop at the next stop. Pulling the cord, or pressing the button, rings a little bell, turns on a sign that says stop requested and shows a little indicator on the dashboard for the driver to know that someone wants to get off.

But this driver, missed the stop at least two times! First, it was a group of three girls, who had requested a stop, but the bus kept going, and only stopped at the next stop. When the girls realized that he had passed their stop, one of them yelled out at him, "you missed our stop! Now we're gonna have to walk!" I didn't think much of it, because I didn't know if they had requested stop early enough. But I did find out that the driver is an idiot when I requested a stop, and instead of stopping at oakmead and Nipigon, he kept going all the way to river oaks! And When I finally walked up to him and said, "you missed a stop!" he said, "Sorry, I just noticed."

I had to walk back, in the cold windy weather, with a portfolio in my hand, and my bag on my back. It had snowed earlier, and the sidewalk was slippery. My toes started getting really cold and I was thinking I'd get frost bitten. The walk back home was pretty long. I was cursing him every step of the way. And I knew I was going to call Oakville transit and complain! But their phone centers had closed and so I didn't get a representative. But I did leave a message. I don't think they'd call back so I will call them up again. And I think that girl should too! That's the only way to fix these guys!


  1. hi sue and val from ireland ere we also had a stupid fat ignorant bus driver who wudnt stop for us we waved at him as we were standing at the bus stop and he kept driving....f**kin ignorant.i rang and they said he didnt see us ha

  2. oh, did this happen in oakville?

  3. Yaah,

    You made a post that lightroom metatadase affects how iPhoto and other Apple software works. I too use Lightroom and iPhoto crashes. Can you elaborate?