Sunday, December 16, 2007

Last night I was talking to suju and just happened to look back on some old times. I thought I'd post that here.

yash gupta: there are so many things I look back at, and there's only this memory of it in my photograph, no video, no log/record of those times...
sujata bhagwat: what times?
yash gupta: the times like when I was in the hospital with arjun bhaiya
yash gupta: we had so much fun...
sujata bhagwat: huh?
sujata bhagwat: in the hospital?
sujata bhagwat: fun?
yash gupta: arjun bhaiya came back from the trip really messed up and had to be admitted...
sujata bhagwat: oh
yash gupta: he was vacationing with friends in manali and dharamshala etc
yash gupta: yeah... also involved a meditation camp or something
yash gupta: so while he was there, his friends would come over to visit him...
yash gupta: they'd sit around joke about. and we'd stay up watching tv...
sujata bhagwat: oh cool
sujata bhagwat: you never blogged abt it...strange!
yash gupta: yeah.. that was even before 11th grade started
sujata bhagwat: oh
yash gupta: and i didn't have much access to computer during tht time
sujata bhagwat: ok
yash gupta: so... yeah, no blog post about it either
sujata bhagwat: hm..
yash gupta: then there was the time of my 18th birthday...
sujata bhagwat: oh yeh..
sujata bhagwat: mumbai

This one had been sitting in the drafts for really long. I just forgot about it. So I'm publishing it now.

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