Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Character rotation(x3) day is today!

I was so pumped up and determined to finish my character rotation today. I worked on the following this morning at home.
These are in order of rotation. from 3/4(yeah I decided to call it 3/4 because if I were to put a 3/4 between this and the side, they'd be too similar) to side to back 3/4 I don't have the back yet, because I don't have a good front yet.
This is a drawing I scrapped because the curve of the body wasn't emphasized as much. I would love to receive any feedback or comments on this.

Then, I felt stuck. I decided to call up oliver for help, and he readily agreed to help me out. We met up in the pit, and he showed me some really fundamental steps about drawing a character. Once I 'kinda' had those down, we moved on to 'how to start drawing a rotation'. Just then, Danny comes and looks at the character rotation I had from home, and says I don't need to have him doing anything fancy in the rotation pose. I could just have him standing like a lifeless puppet. Which I totally disagree with. I know it worked for h
im, it got him into animation. I also agree with the statement that I'm making it harder upon myself by having him do something. But the thing is, I have someone to help me with getting all of this right. And, this is my last chance to get into animation, and I will do anything it takes to take my portfolio one step further. I have seen some very good rotations, lisa's, Xiao you's And they both are girls doing something with their bodies. (Their characters, not themselves..LOL) And a static figure is just boring!

But then, he took my character design, and did his version of it, in the typical walk like an egyptian pose, which I think is SO VERY CLICHEd! But the legs he put on it were thicker at the top, like big fat thighs as if he still has a lot of 
his baby fat. And near the feet, they got skinny as the legs on my drawing.
I absolutely LOVE those legs! I'm so dumbfounded! "why didn't I think of that before!" Actually the reason why, is because I was referencing 'prince of egypt' and "the Emperor's new groove" movies for this. And I wanted 'kuzco legs' ...because I didn't know better!

But these legs will also help me get more of the structure down. Vince, in all these weeks, hardly ever mentions about the structure of my character. The point which Oliver kept stressing over. And I guess it finally got through when I realized that I could change my character design a little, (yet again) and actually have it look better. Vince has helped me make my character look better too, but he never said anything about the volume of the torso except for when he told me to put a sphere where his hips/belly is. I remember way way back, when I showed him initial drawings of the headgear, he had told it looks flat, and I can't quite figure out how it sits on his head. To which I responded by drawing from the prince of Egypt and figuring out a headgear design that worked. I'm so happy with whatever I accomplished in a couple hours today.

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