Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Only second day of classes today

Hi, Yeah, with more stuff happening now that college has started, you'd get more frequent updates than I did in christmas break. Today I found out that the painting class had been switched to thursday. Also, instead of Sybil, we'll now be taught by Brian. But we had to sit through a short lecture by Sybil but it was alright. We were told about the field trip assignment and went over the course outline. I am pretty intrigued by some of the assignments mentioned. I also read that we'd have two model studio sessions, and it makes me wonder if we'd be allowed to make cartoony or caricaturish paintings like the animation students do...

Before Classical Mythology, I went to the mall with Jeremy, and had lunch at Thai express. The pad Thai wasn't nearly as good as I had hoped. LOL. We also visited EB games and HMV. Talked about games and consoles etc.. I made a point about whether the zapper attachment for the nintendo wii has a built in battery and a more powerful vibrator to kinda simulate the gun backfire/recoil. It would just take realism to the next level. And even though I am not into computer gaming a lot anymore, (since I moved to mac) just the gizmo factor of the new Alienware curved widescreen display that was on show at CES 2008 made me drool! If you haven't seen it, go check it out here!

The classical Mythology class started out pretty boring. Even looking at the professor made me feel I'm gonna really regret this. But things soon turned around and as we got discussing a lot of things, and expressing personal stories etc...(I shared 'how Ganesh got an elephant head'  story) the class actually got really fun. The professor is actually a big star wars geek! LOL. And he gave all of those who hadn't seen the movie a homework- 'watch the star wars movies!' I think I'm gonna get around to watching episode 4,5 and 6 some day. I have only seen the Latest 3 movies. Well, that's a discussion for some other day! But for today, I just wanted to get back home and do this blog entry!

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