Thursday, January 24, 2008

Portfolio progress report

Ok, the room drawing is REALLY COMING ALONG. I've done those kind of drawings so many times now that I just feel the whole process is getting speedier each time, and I am grasping new concepts that are helping me work things out. I am really sorry I didn't sit down and talk to mom, but I also thank her for that. Because then I went straight to work and spent a good amount of time on my room drawing. I also talked to dad about the extended warranty for my macbook pro and he said that's not happenin. So I am gonna get serious about documenting my computer bugs/problems and getting stuff fixed ASAP. I just don't want small problems to lead to something major because I neglected it.

I did a bunch of character expression drawings after seeing the amazing drawings on oliver's blog. I would say, I 'fixed' the face and headgear design. Through the months, I had deviated from my original design because I kept looking at how vince drew the head, but his method was just a quick gesture/idea of the head and not what the final should look like. So I'm happy to say that my character design looks as egyptian as ever!

I've been skipping life drawing for my drawing for animation part. And tomorrow there is no lie drawing. So at the moment, I am planning to go to see a movie with jon. But I'd really have to get a lot of stuff done if I want to not feel guilty about going for a movie. I asked mickey, but unfortunately, he can't make it. Well, there's always next time! Now I really should get some sleep. My eyes are burning!

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