Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nice Surprise, Mickey!

Well, maybe not that big, but apple has reduced the price of apple ipod touch in Canada by a whopping 10 dollars! Hehe.. I know... But I have long been waiting for apple to price products in canada competitively to the US. And when I heard that Canada recently removed the extra tax levied on mp3 players, I thought now apple will make some drastic cuts. But it was not even acknowledged. I just noticed it because of my awesome attention to details! I verified this by going to another website that had the prices of all apple products in canada from September. 

Yeah, that's my point, and I should have titled this post, apple cuts price of ipod touch in Canada, but I wanted to scare mickey ;) 

I guess I could also mention how the McMichael trip went... Hmmm... I wish I had a camera! The paintings were really amazing. I especially liked one of Miller brittain's flower series.. He did those paintings at about the end of his life. They were just explorations of form, shape and color. I want to say very minimal... I am not an art critic so I can't be very objective about it. but I really liked it. 

The trip to and back was really tiring. My back was really hurting when I was life drawing. I was feeling like crashing down! But I forced myself to go, and I stayed for the whole session...well, almost. But then walked back to the pit, just to say good night to oliver, before leaving, and we talked for a bit, about kites. Sujata reminded me it was sankrant. I could never fly kites, but just loved the weather this time of the year. Also, I think it was on sankrant that I got my OWN pc in akola when I was in 9th grade! 

yeah.. sweet memories.

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