Friday, January 18, 2008

What's it gonna be like when I get into animation

I had a long, long day on thursday. I woke up and got to work on my room drawing. Got a little late for the painting class because when I left home, I totally forgot the canvas and my brushes. Halfway there, I realized this, and walked back, picked up a large 18x24 canvas and a smaller gessoed canvas and made the trip to sheridan in record time! That's just because I knew Brian Mcphee is a really anal person when it comes to getting to being punctual. But since it was our first class, he let us loose. During the business class, I had an energy drink called full throttle. I had heard about it from oliver. And it actually didn't taste bad at all.

After the class, instead of going back home, I stayed in the pit, and worked on my hand drawings. Then went to 6 p.m. life drawing, and planned to stay for the whole 3 hours. But within 45 minutes, my hands got extremely jittery. I thought this was because I was hungry. But I think it could also have been the caffeine from the drink. I remembered the kid tweek from south park who's parents give him lots of coffee and he's always twitching and hyper..LOL. So yeah, I couldn't draw anymore. I decided to quickly run and get a hamburger. It had been a really long time since I had a burger. I ate it faster than ever! I guess it was the hunger AND the energy drink at work.  Now, I was again ready to sit and draw for the next two hours! And that's what I did! In the last hour, everyone else left, and I was the only one drawing. At times like this, the model usually wants to go home early and he did ask me if we should 'call it a night' but I said, 'no, lets do more.'

After that, when I came back outside, I saw oliver sitting there, working on a rotation pose for his character design. I sat there finishing my fries. Even though my shoulder and neck was hurting, I saw it was not time to sleep yet, so I wanted to work for some more time. I showed Oliver my hands, and he says "those are *&#$in good hand drawings!" I was REALLY excited. That was the nicest thing anyone has said about my drawings in a LONG long time! But I want to keep working harder. I want to be &%#in @#$%@in @%$#ing good! Hah!

So Later, when I was lying on my bed, recovering from the shoulder/neck pain, trying to sleep, I thought to myself, I have GOT to get into animation this time! I have improved massively! And once I get into animation, I will be the happiest person in the world! Little stuff like this neck pain will hardly matter. I'd look back at it and go, ah! it was totally worth it! I'd be working on a my animation in the studios at the school and I'll say to myself, this is what I always wanted!

Then there will be one of those classic dream sequence bollywood song and dance with me and my pencil. LOL. Seriously, I could care less that I, lets say, spilled paint on my good clothes... "I'm so happy I'm in animation, that it doesn't matter!" what? I stubbed my toenail against the desk? "ouch! But I'm okay! I am in animation!" Oh, did I spill my milk? "I don't care! I got into animation at sheridan!" Hey! That's my laptop you're running away with. "But I don't mind, I am in animation!" Aww... my flight got delayed! "Oh well, fuck that! I'm in animation!"

Yeah, that was just my little attempt to bring some humor back into my life. Because lately, I'd been feeling like my life has gotten really dull. I hadn't posted such a light hearted joking blog post in a while. Well, I'm feeling all better now, and I want to get to work before its time for dinner already. Oh, and here's a random piece of scanned artwork.

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