Monday, January 14, 2008

Life's a bitch!

Yes genius, I am having a bad day. I just got back from the college, my second trip back and forth! I finished my class early this morning, and came back for lunch before going back with my portfolio to show it to Mark Mayerson. The walk isn't the bad part, I do that a lot. But what made it so bad is that I had to try grabbing onto my portfolio with my mittens. The stupid handle on that thing doesn't have enough gap for me to slide my glove into it. So I was grabbing onto it with my thumb and few fingers. After a while, it would get so painful, that I remove my glove and grab it properly. But then, my hand was freezing!

And after making all these trips, when I finally got to the office, and found mark mayerson's cubicle, he wasn't there! Whaaaat?!!! He's supposed to be here at this time! Someone up there is laughing their asses off watching this happening to me. I'm like a comic relief. This takes me back to my theory of this world being a television serial like "the truman show". I'm just so angry right now, I want to sit back and listen to angry music. Plus, I must rest my hands. No life drawing tonight!

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