Friday, January 11, 2008

How much I like milk!

Yes! Just what I needed! Another reason to talk even more about the movie taare zameen par! Its the movie review post on The Fun portal, -my entertainment related blog. I recently got two comments on it, The first one talking about the solomon island story and the other one, just a ...well... blah! So I don't have much to say about balizee's comment, except for everyone has a right to voice their opinion. But pret actually provided some useful information. He pointed me to a wikipedia page that talks about the solomon island story about people yelling on trees to kill them/bring them down. I recommend you go here and check it out.

When I was talking about the movie to pranav, and even he was really touched by the movie. He said he could see a lot of resemblance between the movie and his life. He said his dad was pretty much like ishaan's dad. And today, while listening to the song 'maa', I realized even his relationship with his mom is pretty much like shown in the movie. He has to be the only dude I know who tells each and everything that happens with him to his mom. I remember his mom really wanted to see me because he'd been telling his mom all about me. So when I finally met her, she was pretty excited. And you can read what happened that day over here...wait... after a little digging around, I found out that I haven't mentioned that incident in this blog... 

Now I'm all confused and worried. I read my old blog posts... And I remember that the first time I went over to pranav's place was right after Sujata asked me why I liked Pranav so much. That was 6th October 06. We went there just to pick up some stuff for the greeting cards we were making for the exhibition/sale. And I met his sister Nayan, and aunty. Then aunty asked pranav if he'd like to drink milk. He was being a bad kid... he refused. Then aunty did what I'd expect every mom to do in that kind of situation. She asked me if I wanted to drink milk. She said "If you drink it, Pranav will drink it too." Damn! Its such a cliche, and it works every damn time! 

Now I couldn't refuse because I didn't want her to all of a sudden start thinking of me as a snotty spoilt brat! I would go from being a really good friend to a fugitive.... At least that's what I feared. So I said, "ok, I will have some milk." And within a couple minutes, she brought two glasses of pure white warm milk. Back then, I hadn't had plain milk for about 12 or so yeas! I never liked drinking plain milk ever since I made the switch to 'drinking chocolate' additives like boost/bournvita or Milo. And that was around when I was in 1st grade. But now I couldn't be like "aah! I don't drink this, I think it tastes like crap!" No wait, I think it was more the smell of warm milk that bothered me.... Anyways... I took the glass in my hands, and took a sip! Mickey, I'm looking at you - this is what being a good guest means in India.

And I almost gaged! But I didn't spit it. I realized that this didn't even have any sugar in it... Which, I would have lots of, in my milk, back home. "Now what!" is what I started contemplating. I looked at pranav drinking his milk... And took another little sip. Then I think aunty brought in some dry fruits. And I saw raisins! "Oh! Raisins are sweet! I will just try dissolving raisins in my glass of milk!" Noooo.... I didn't really think that! How dumb do you think I am! I just took a handful of raisins, took a large gulp of milk, and stuffed my mouth with the raisins, and chewed them while swallowing the milk! It was hilarious! I'm so glad aunty wasn't there watching this.... 

Aaah! Good times! I can't believe I just wrote 5 paragraphs of this milk episode! So I'll stop typing and start drawing. Bye!


  1. Haha. I also usually don't drink plain milk-only if I don't have a choice for any reason like medicine perhaps. I have at least turmeric with milk if not Bournvita or Boost. ;)

  2. I don't even like haldi. i think it kinda burns my throat... just like really strong thandai...