Saturday, January 12, 2008

I don't want to give it away in the title

Good mornings begin with good nights. Its very true, makes sense. And if I can forget the erectile dysfunction medication advert where I first read this, I'd be much happier writing this on my blog. Anyways, the credit for this good morning, does not go to mom... or maybe it does... Because if she hadn't kept me up, I wouldn't have ended up talking to Abhinav at all last night.

I was really pissed, yet again, at mom talking to me about all kinds of random things! I could have been working away at my drawings or taking some much needed time off to relax and rejuvenate. So when she was finally done, I decided to go to sleep and cool off or else I'd be going off about it for a while. But just as I was about to hit the hay, Abhinav messaged me, and as expected, I started talking to him about my 'problem'. LOL. But then the topic moved away to more interesting things. And a few minutes into it, I was feeling much better!

There was actually a moment when I felt like hugging him! Damn the limitations of the virtual world! but as the conversation moved along, I decided I'd much rather blog about it. Kinda like a surprise for him. We talked about family, and incidents from when we were really young, to something more recent.... But which in my case happens to be about ONE YEAR AGO! .. God I really want to go back and visit India. Oh yeah! then we started talking about hand me downs and stuff, and I decided I'd give him my wacom tablet... hehe. Its all stickered up and got some marks on the back, I even wrote the date I bought it on the back, but I guess those are the things that come with hand me downs eh?

And after everything, I knew I was gonna sleep well. I woke up at 8 for my classes, and got ready. I didn't really have to hurry because oliver was driving me to the workshop today. I am so glad I got a ride! I hope this continues every week. I had a wonderful time talking to him all the way to and back from the workshop. While we were driving back, he was really tired and sleepy. He said he'd have fallen asleep on the wheel if I wasn't there talking to him. I really hope he was exaggerating, because I won't be there in the car with him tomorrow. I hope he drives safe and reaches back to his place just fine. I don't want to...

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  1. Thanks for your comment. I'm going to try and post at least once a week. Between, radio, standup comedy, and running a bank I got a little behind in my writing.