Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh My God!

I finally met Mickey yesterday! And it was fun. We hung out, had pizza, watched the macworld keynote, and talked about the macbook air! Yeah.. that's the best we could think of.. after all, we're mac fanboys, or macboys as we say it. He mentioned a little package to me earlier, and I was thinking "Oh my god! What could it be!" But he was like, don't think, don't guess.
In the night, after he had left, I was feeling all lonely again. So I decided to call up Pranav. Tell him what an exciting day I had. But he didn't pick up the phone. I tried to sleep, but I was really restless. Its been a long time since we talked and I had to find out what he's up to. So I decided to call sujata, and hoped she could put him on the phone. But turns out, he didn't come to college. So I talked to sujata for a bit, and she was happy for me when I told her I met mickey, after five months Today! After finishing with her, I finally went to be at about 1 am... 

I'd been having a shitty day today. I don't like the 3d class this sem... I don't know if its just the timing, or the sitting arrangement. But I really hoped I got out of there asap! I was supposed to meet mickey again. I turned on my laptop in class, and found vaibhav online. I talked to him and found out he's working! I said I'd like to see some of his animation sometime and he said he'd mail me. Then dipika didi signed in, and I talked to her about pranav. She called him up right then, and asked if he can come online and how is he doing etc. Because he hadn't been answering his phone and hadn't showed up for college either, I feared something was wrong. But he made the same lame excuse "My phone was on silent." GAH! I emailed mickey, but didn't get a message back from him, so I decided to join jeremy, laura and stephen to the mall.

We had lunch, and spent an unusually long time at the mall! Which would almost always lead someone to buying a couple things.... Yeah! I was looking at bluetooth headsets that I could use with my macbook pro to talk to people on skype. Just the other night, while I was scanning and putting together my character design progress sheet, mom called up, and wanted to talk to me. And because I couldn't unplug the scanner or the tablet, we had pretty bad sound, and I had to yell and repeat a whole bunch of stuff. At 'the source', I didn't get a confirmed yes on whether those headsets would work with my mac. But at wireless wave, the girl was really confident in recommending me bluetrek bluetooth stereo headset.

I had never heard of the company bluetrek. So I didn't know what to expect. And the product cost 130 dollars, so I asked her what their money back policy was. Yes, I was almost certain I would return this thing. As always, I was so excited with my new acquisition, that I opened it up in the mall itself, and had it working with my phone by the time we were in the car. I wrote a little review on it, which you can read here. Its my blog on yahoo 360 which has a whole bunch of other technology related articles. And as you might notice, I rarely use it. But its times like this, when I have more to write than what will fit in one blog.... Ah! Alright, moving on... Now I have to go back to the mall to return the damn thing. But first, I had to go to see Mark Mayerson and show him my portfolio.

But he wasn't there, AGAIN! Maybe his times have changed this semester. I saw a little schedule on his cubicle that mentioned thursday morning as "office hours." So I guess I should try going in on thursdays. Now I debated between taking the bus to oakville place, or walking there. And I said, "its -10 out there, there is no friggin way I am walking there!" I proceeded to the bus stop, but I changed my mind and walked back home. Which, I was gonna find out, was a good thing. When I came back home, I was extremely drained out. I didn't feel like working anymore, so I put on tarzoon, shame of the jungle, and lay on my bed. Soon, I was falling asleep.

But then suddenly, the phone rang. I woke up frustrated, and tried to shut the damn thing up! I couldn't figure out a way to turn it off, so I just removed the battery! Now I had a headache. I tried going back to sleep, but the headache wouldn't let me rest. After a few more minutes, I walked downstairs like a zombie. I was totally disoriented. Still, I helped Vironica move Sandeep's stuff downstairs. I kinda feel bad for that guy. And I'd say its all because of his uncle. But I'm not in a position to do anything so I'll just shut up about that. The little exercise I got going up and down made me feel a little better... I asked vironica for her camera to take pictures of my life drawings.

When I was transferring pictures to my computer, mickey came online. And he asked me again about the package. But I told him, I had asked jon but he didn't know. Vironica has hardly been in the house these days. But she said we could go check the mail. And sure enough, it was in the mailbox! I was so excited! I opened it up the minute we got home. Oh my god! Its got dvds! He had told me a part of it was for vironica, so I gave her the card, Her favourite movie, and I picked up my card, and the two dvds- Superbad and Walt Disney Treasures! I am still in awe, how could he have picked up such perfect titles! I remember we watched superbad together, in the theaters TWO TIMES!

The card was really sweet. Made me laugh(smile). Which I hope was the reaction he was expecting... LOL. No, really it was really well thought out. And Vironica's card too, was really amazing! I didn't read all that it said, but there was a LOT going on in there. This thing made the whole crappy day seem all better. I still have a headache, but I'm not thinking about it all that much. And even now, when I look at the dvds, I go "Oh my god! As if I didn't have enough distractions already!"

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