Sunday, January 27, 2008

Taare zameen par at the worshop

Mom called me on skype again today. I told her about robbery at pranav's place. And she heard from divya that my artwork was good so she wanted to see my deviantart gallery too. It took a hell lot of time to just explain her to open firefox and type in the address bar. I was SO FRUSTRATED! Then looking through my gallery, she saw the caricature of sagar, and started talking about taare zameen par.

She was talking about how the kid in the movie reminded her of sagar. Darsheel looks pretty much like sagar and just like Yuhan in the movie, Sagar has an older brother-Suraj who is much better at studies and better behaved. We had a video of sagar in the bathroom. Dancing and jumping around doing crazy things... Like Ishaan does about two times in the movie. All that being said and done, I still felt sad that mom didn't see how much I was like that. I would be dreaming away all the time, I'd do paintings of sea-creatures and underwater world. In school, I'd be looking out the window most of the time... Well, I guess she couldn't possibly know what was going on in the school with me. Plus, I didn't leave the bathroom door open when I was having a bath for people to come in and look. LOL.

I had taken my laptop to the workshop yesterday, mainly to show to vince the picture of my kitchen. I'm glad I did that, because then he got an idea of what my kitchen is like, and could better instruct me on what to do with my drawings. The other plus side was that I had the dvd of taare zameen par in the drive. So during the break, I was showing parts of the movie to others. It was good. I didn't recieve any negative reactions. I showed them the part during jame raho when he is dreaming on the breakfast table, I played the part of his math test, and also the song 'bheja kum' where all the letters come alive as little spiders and one crawls up on his neck, he smashes one on his table... They were really monumental scenes even if noone spoke hindi.

The noise level there was pretty high, and I couldn't turn up the volume of the songs high enough for the people to listen to it properly. But I think they would have liked to see the song 'mera jahan' because its all shot on the streets of mumbai. I personally liked it a lot because it reminded me of my school days. All the hawkers and vendors outside the school, where we'd spend anywhere from 50 paise to 2 rupees for a little something.... be it barf ka gola or bhel. The documentary footage that's played in the end when taare zameen par is playing was also a really really emotional part. And I think anyone who sees it will be mesmerized by the kids.

And did I mention the number of times I've seen the movie went up to 4? And it will definitely keep on increasing. for sure!


  1. my number's peaking at 8 !! lol and its set to soar :).. real nice hindi movie after hell long time !! .. btw i like the spirit with which you blog .. (even tho i dont know you personally .. ) .. i do enjoy reading ur entries .. :) ..

  2. I would have liked to respond to you personally, but you did not leave email address. anyways, I would really like to thank you for a nice comment as opposed to the kind that I usually get - comments from people who don't want to express their opinion, but want to start a fight or an argument.