Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy birthday pranjali

I came back from the digital media class early today because I had a little stomachache. I figured if I get to my place in time, I could still call up pranjali to wish her on her birthday. I remembered last night that it was her birthday, but I was busy with my portfolio stuff so didn't end up calling her. It was round 11:30 pm IST and I tried her cell multiple times, but it always said she was busy on another call. In despair, I decided to call up pranav, talk to him for a bit. And he sounded very low. I asked what's up, and he said robbers broke into his house.

I was really shocked! He said they broke in from the kitchen, took all the valuables and destroyed almost everything else! I was SO  shocked and appalled! I didn't know what to say! I told him I am really sorry that this happened, and hope they get compensated for this or at least get their stuff back. I didn't think I should talk about anything else, it would be very appropriate, but I still mentioned that I was trying to reach pranjali, because its her birthday. I asked how everyone else is holding up. I'm pretty sure his little sister must be just terrified! I really hope they can put this behind them. I asked him to keep me updated on it.

I would do anything I can to help him out right now. I tried calling up sujata right after, but incoming calls on her cellphone were blocked. Dammit! I had a dream this morning. I was thinking about it constantly in the digital media class, and felt that I should blog it. The dream was about me coming to India really randomly, right before my portfolio submission date. I don't really remember seeing a clear reason why, but I boarded the next flight to India, and when I landed, arjun bhaiya's friends were there to pick me up. I also remember meeting sonu didi, tina and taiji. Thinking about the dream, I go, where are the others? What's the significance of these people in the dream. And oddly enough, I wonder, did I ever get my portfolio in to the assessment at sheridan? 

I think I'm gonna cancel the movie. I just wanna stay home. Talk to my friends. Send Pranav a bunch of emails that he'll never read. Listen to songs that will make me even sadder.

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